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Developing The Mind

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Integrated Dharma Program: Developing The Mind begins on December 29, 2016.

Registration will open one month before the course begins.

The second course in the program, Developing the Mind, focuses on samādhi, or the practices of meditation. When the mind can get free of its habitual restlessness and settle down upon a chosen object of attention, with some stability and clarity, one can one begin to see what the Buddha is pointing to in his teachings. Beginning with some basic ways of looking at mental training and clarifying the difference between directed and undirected meditation, the course takes a very close look at the classical instructions for meditation found in the Establishment of Mindfulness Discourse, including its important refrain, and at all four foundations of mindfulness individually. The higher concentration practices of absorption or jhāna are examined carefully, and each of the four ‘sublime abidings’ or brahma-vihāras are also investigated thoroughly. It goes on to address the issues of skillful effort and working with mental states, and concludes with a close look at the Mettā Sutta, the well-loved discourse on how to cultivate loving kindness and the many benefits of doing so.

Part 1 (Living With Integrity) and Part 3 (Deepening Wisdom) of the Integrated Dharma Program are not prerequisites for this course.

– Two texts a week, plus accompanying material, sent according to the lunar calendar (this is a feature that follows traditional Buddhist rhythms)
– Downloadable audio teachings
– Pali-to-English translations, new and updated in gender-neutral language
– Language analyses
– Guidelines for investigating and applying the teachings in your daily life

– Course begins on Thursday, December 29th
– Registration opens on Tuesday, November 29th
– Registration will remain open through Sunday, January 29th

Course Fees
– $240 General student
– $199 Returning students (those registered for Part 1 or 2)

Course Curriculum
Dec 29: What Is Meditation?
Jan 5: Directed And Undirected
Jan 12: Establishing Mindfulness
Jan 19: Mindfulness Of Body
Jan 27: Mindfulness Of Feeling
Feb 4: Mindfulness Of Mind
Feb 10: Mindfulness Of States-1
Feb 18: Mindfulness Of States-2
Feb 26: Jhanas 1 & 2
Mar 5: Jhanas 3 & 4
Mar 12: The Brahmavihāras
Mar 20: Lovingkindess & Compassion
Mar 27: Gladness & Equanimity
Apr 3: Skillful Effort
Apr 11: Working With Mental States
Apr 19: A Discourse On Lovingkindness
Apr 25: Summary & Conclusion

The Integrated Dharam Program consists of three parts:

Part One: Living With Integrity (info)
Sep 1, 2016 through Dec 28, 2016

Part Two: Developing The Mind
Dec 29, 2016 through Apr 25, 2017

Part Three: Deepening Wisdom (info)
Apr 26, 2017 through Aug 21, 2017

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  1. Profile photo of JAMES

    Developing the Mind


    Excellent all around. This completes all three courses for me. I also enjoyed reading Unlimiting Mind and have just started Untangling Self. Thank you for all you’re doing to make the Dhamma clear and practical for today’s American needs. Looking forward to your next gift.

  2. Profile photo of John



    Thank you Andrew for your thoughtful and thorough course. Your explanations and practice suggestions are accessible and practical. I appreciate the vast amount of time that must have gone into producing this and am grateful to have been a recipient of it.

  3. Profile photo of George

    Great Course!


    The course is well throughout and planned for a simple yet deep daily practice. The integrated style gives the householder a taste of what early Buddhists did in their daily lives along their paths to the deathless. It is a sutta practice I aim to bring into my daily life. Thank you Andy.

    Looking forward to the next course!! Be well.

  4. Profile photo of Carolyn J

    Developing the Mind


    Very helpful as a scholarly and practical reminder of the practical core of Buddha’s teaching.

  • $199.00$240.00
  • 360 Days

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