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Living With Integrity

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Integrated Dharma Program: Living With Integrity begins on Thursday, September 1, 2016.

Registration is open until Oct 1.

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The first course in the program, Living with Integrity, addresses the topic of sīla, of how to live skillfully, experience profound well-being, and build a stable foundation of ethical behavior upon which progress in developing the mind and deepening wisdom can be supported and sustained. The importance of engaging actively with the teachings is emphasized, as well as allowing progress along the path to develop naturally. All the classical guidelines of the 8-fold path are covered, including speaking, acting, and living carefully, and practical approaches to sexuality and intoxication are addressed. The course includes teachings about generosity as a wider ethical practice, the cultivation of contentment, the skillful use of energy and intention, and learning to discern the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviors and states of mind. It concludes with a close reading of the householder’s guide to happiness, the Mangala Sutta, a discourse on the many kinds of blessings one can experience when living with integrity.

Part 2 (Developing The Mind) and Part 3 (Deepening Wisdom) of the Integrated Dharma Program are not prerequisites for this course.

– Two texts a week, plus accompanying material, sent according to the lunar calendar (this is a feature that follows traditional Buddhist rhythms)
– Downloadable audio teachings
– Pali-to-English translations, new and updated in gender-neutral language
– Language analyses
– Guidelines for investigating and applying the teachings in your daily life

– Course begins on Thursday, September 1st
– Registration opens on Monday, August 1st
– Registration will remain open through Saturday, October 1st

Course Fees
– $240 General student
– $199 Returning students (those registered for Part 2 or 3)

Course Curriculum
Sep 1: Engaging
Sep 9: Making Progress
Sep 16: Generosity
Sep 23: Ways Of Giving
Sep 30: Speaking Carefully
Oct 9: Praise & Blame
Oct 16: Acting Carefully
Oct 22: Sexuality & Intoxication
Oct 30: Living Carefully
Nov 7: Contentment
Nov 14: Healthy & Unhealthy States
Nov 21: Shaping The Mind
Nov 29: Effort
Dec 7: The Power Of Intention
Dec 14: Guidelines For Living
Dec 21: A Discourse On Blessings

The Integrated Dharam Program consists of three parts:

Part One: Living With Integrity
Sep 1, 2016 through Dec 28, 2016

Part Two: Developing The Mind (info)
Dec 29, 2016 through Apr 25, 2017

Part Three: Deepening Wisdom (info)
Apr 26, 2017 through Aug 21, 2017

  • $199.00$240.00
  • 360 Days

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