Integrated Dharma Program: Deepening Wisdom


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Learning how to meditate—and how to distinguish between your helpful and unhelpful habits—is a valuable, life-altering process. But in classical Buddhist study, these practices are the precursors to the most important aspect of the path: the development of wisdom. When wisdom is present and strong, a durable sense of well-being can flourish.

This course takes a close look at the cornerstone topics of Buddhism such as impermanence, non-self, and interdependent origination, beginning the process of the development of wisdom in your own life. By studying the traditional texts and applying what you learn, you cannot help but be changed. This is a great opportunity to study primary sources with the guidance of a knowledgeable and contemporary Buddhist scholar, who will translate and explain the early scriptures in a way relevant to contemporary times.

Part 1 (Living With Integrity) and Part 2 (Developing The Mind) of the Integrated Dharma Program are not prerequisites for this course.

– Downloadable audio teachings
– Pali-to-English translations, new and updated in gender-neutral language
– Language analyses
– Guidelines for investigating and applying the teachings in your daily life

Course Fees
– $96 General student

Course Curriculum
3.1 Wisdom
3.2 Right View
3.3 Obsessions and Distortions
3.4 Mind in Flux
3.5 Insight
3.6 Responding to Experience
3.7 Noble Truths
3.8 Non-Attachment
3.9 Dependent Origination
3.10 Conditionality
3.11 Non-Self
3.12 Illusions of Self
3.13 Metaphors
3.14 Disenchantment
3.15 Understanding Awakening
3.16 Last Words
3.17 Summary and Conclusion

The Integrated Dharma Program consists of three parts:

Part One: Living With Integrity

Part Two: Developing The Mind

Part Three: Deepening Wisdom


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